All STAM products, genuine quality – “mehudar”.

Directly From The Sofer. Worldwide Free Shipping.


Sefer Torah

Purchasing a Sefer Torah is a special and rare occasion. I offer strict and high quality writing. Now it’s easier than ever to buy a Sefer Torah from Israel. As all products, I offer worldwide free delivery

Price: Sefardi – 28,000 USD. Ashkenazi – 31,000 USD


Looking to buy Tefillin from Israel? No longer need to find a friend that comes to Israel, or a family member who lives in Israel. Now you can buy online direct from the “sofer” (not a dealer). Free shipping

Price: Sefardi/Ashkenazi – 580 USD


Check the different sizes of mezuzot available. As little as 7 cm. As for all products, All Mezuuzot are genuine quality. Standard plastic cases are added for free if required. Worldwide free shippment offered

Price: Sefardi/Ashkenazi – 45 USD

Torah Cases

High quality Sefardi TorahCases are available. All are genuine  quality, made from high quality materials such as velvet, wood, metal and silver plating. Ashkenazi polls and covers are available too.

Price: 3,000 USD

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