Why can't I purchase products online?

Quality scrolls are not products that are shelved and sold online.  The purpose of the site is to introduce me and my work.

What is the charge for delivery?

Delivery is free anywhere in the world.

I am looking for Tefillin.  I see on your site thick leather Tefillin ("Gassot") for 2,000 NIS.  I am looking for more enhanced Tefillin.  What do you recommend?

The Tefillin that I sell are enhanced.  The parashot and the boxes are two separate things – the parashot are enhanced and you may receive a photo of them before your purchase so you can make a better decision.  The boxes are enhanced as well and are made in a well known factory.  You may use a different type of box and the price will change accordingly.  However, due to my familiarity with the Halachic guidelines and the production process, I recommend the boxes that are on my site.

Remember that when you order through my site, you are dealing with the sofer (writer) directly.  This lowers the price considerable.

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